Terracap Ventures is a division of the Terracap Group of Companies, a Toronto private equity group that specializes in high potential real estate acquisitions, development, management, and early-stage high-tech. The Terracap Group has carved out a niche as a North American investment and management group that is defined by sound conservative principles and funded by success.


Chief Executive Officer and Principal

Larry Krauss, CEO

Larry Krauss has been active in real estate as a principal, lawyer, and consultant since 1978. Mr. Krauss has been directly involved in numerous real estate investments over the past 30 years, including negotiating deals, sourcing debt, and equity and establishing the strategic vision for each asset. Mr. Krauss’s vision for Terracap as being the premier investment vehicle for high net worth individuals backed by a solid team of acquisition and management professionals has evolved from his tremendous depth of entrepreneurial experiences in real estate, tax law, and investment management. Mr. Krauss takes a hands-on approach to each of the deals within the Terracap umbrella.


Email: :lkrauss@terracap.ca

Tel: :416-222-9345 x5539

Managing Director

David Kerzner

David is a visionary and strategic leader with a 30+ year history of innovation, transformation, and revenue generation. His core focus has been to strategically align companies and investors by engaging People, Process, and Product Development initiatives and championing stakeholders across game-changing disruptions in the technology space. Over his career, he has worked with high-profile business leaders, artists/celebrities, and re-invigorated the careers of influencers and passionate entrepreneurs. Leveraging a uniquely diverse, multi-level degree of expertise in the arena of technology he thrives on fostering strategic alliances between the entertainment world, technology strategists, and savvy visionaries.
David is the Co-Founder of Keek, where he conceptualized and established a free online social networking service that allowed its users to upload video status updates, which were called “keeks”. Keek was “the leading mobile social video network, which had at one point become the #1 social networking app in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.” David was the Founder & CEO of Paradigm Advanced Technologies Inc., a Nasdaq-listed company with a market cap exceeding $450 million, and VisualGate Systems Inc., a pioneer in video-over-power line solutions. He was the CEO and Founder of Trybl where he conceived, planned, and launched this successful start-up supporting celebrities and influences with social media optimization strategies and brand development. 
David joined Terracap to capitalize on social media monetization opportunities resulting in the launch of a new social network that pays, called Tsu Social.


Cell:516 419 0401

Technical innovation advisor

John Acunto

John has actively been engaged in building and developing new and exciting business and social platforms for over 20 plus years. With experience working at the highest levels with the world’s largest technology companies such as IBM, Apple, Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, and many others. John has just recently begun accepting invitations to take his knowledge and serve shareholders by being a Director on several exciting company’s boards. John has also opened up the possibility of continuing to fill interim CEO roles of rapid growth companies. He was the Founder and CEO of Play Gig-it, the premier social platform game development company, and the world’s largest interactive social music/gaming experience. John founded Play Gig-it in 2008 as a way to incorporate his passion for gaming and music into a refined entertainment experience meant to connect people through a single platform. Play Gig-it and its sister platform Rock This was sold in October 2014. In 2018, he has expanded into several new ventures which include augmented reality, Facebook music platform (with a huge emphasis on social music distribution), and machine learning and AI ventures. With wide-ranging experience in the marketing, branding, and technology environments, John brings an enormous arsenal of knowledge to the gaming and social media industries. Prior to creating Play Gig-it, John was the CEO of Outernet, a fully automated retail facility where guests could purchase and download a range of media via a digital platform. The Outernet was disruptive breakthrough technology in music distribution. In 2003, John was appointed as Chairman and CEO of Adsouth Partners, a Nasdaq publicly traded retail advertising firm, where he remained in his position until 2006. John’s career accomplishments include notable recognition as Inc. Magazine’s “Man to Watch” in 2001 and recipient of three Addy Awards, several technology achievement awards as well.

Email: :john.teamaj@gmail.com


Investment Banker, VC, and Senior Advisor

Sean Cross

Sean brings to Terracap Ventures deep digital expertise in commerce, advertising, and revenue growth, with over 25 years of senior management experience working with start-ups and top Fortune 100 companies centered in the technology, media, private/growth equity, and venture communities. He is a proven operator, business and technology strategist, and marketer who has worked with companies in capital raising, M&A, sales, branding and advertising, product development and business partnership development, partnering with companies such as Google, Newscorp, Samsung, YouTube, and Bank of America. His deep interest in technology and cybersecurity began at an early age and began to flourish in college, where he got involved in national defense projects. That passion has continued over the course of his career building and growing boards and executive teams for emerging and middle-market companies, where he is also an active investor.

Sean is also a partner at Eaglepoint Advisors, in partnership with Kurt Salmon, a 75-year-old global management consulting firm with over 1,600 professionals. Working with middle-market companies and their constituencies the partners are seasoned CEOs who have delivered dramatic business model transformation, even in messy, complex situations where fast, incisive change is required for clients such as Goldman Sachs, Cerberus Capital, Blackstone Group, Credit Suisse, and The Oppenheimer Funds.

Prior to starting Silicon Alley Advisers, Sean was a Managing Director at a boutique investment bank in New York City and also served as a Senior Partner at MediaLink LLC, as the Head of the Private Equity, Restructuring & Investment Advisory Practice, providing critical counsel and strategic direction focused broadly on the Media, Entertainment, Information and Technology industries.

Prior to joining MediaLink, Mr. Cross served as the Executive Vice President and Operations Officer for iAmplify, where he led the company through substantial growth and three rounds of funding, before exit. Prior to iAmplify, he led the strategic technical initiatives for the sales, marketing, editorial, publicity and international divisions for Newscorp / HarperCollins Publishers. In addition, he drove technical distribution initiatives for clients such as Scholastic Books, including the Harry Potter book series. Mr. Cross began his career founding and running a tech consulting company in Los Angeles, owned and operated restaurants in New York then returned to strategic consulting founding and building a firm with clients such as Bear Sterns, Sanwa Bank/UBJ, and INET/Instinet (Reuter’s).

An active speaker and moderator at conferences, he makes select investments in early-stage companies. He runs the Founders Roundtable in NY and serves on boards and advisory boards of several companies including Tsu, BluSapphire, Ping, Secured Worldwide, Perch Interactive, American Diamond Mint, BlackRidge Technologies, Social Life Management, AllWork, Gimbal, messageLOUD, NanoVapor, Klickly, Pando Networks, PageDaily, Proclivity Media, Streamworks, OneClique, Shustir, ThetaRay, Thirstie, Launchpad Learning, CrazySexyWellness, CrazySexyCancer and Sacred Heart University, Jack Welsh School of Business, Advisory Board and Cyber Security Advisory Board.

Sean lives on the water in Westport, CT with his wife Marla and three children and enjoys sailing, tennis, skiing, soccer, surfing, mountain climbing, martial arts, paddleboarding, kayaking, and jumping out of planes. Sean has a BS in Information Systems and Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine.




Terracap Ventures and its predecessors have 25 years of experience in the venture capital arena. We invest in early-stage companies that have leading-edge technologies with secure intellectual property rights and exceptional management teams that, along with the backing of Terracap Ventures, can execute their business plans & objectives. Our investment focus lies in Communications (wireless, mobile), Semiconductors, Internet (media), Healthcare (medical devices, diagnostics), and Optic (display, 3D) technologies.


Powering an intelligent graphical user interface (GUI) for travel agents.

Zoom And Go is a Software As a Service (SaaS) company that is fully integrated into the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) for booking hotels around the world.  The proprietary technology increases the efficiency and productivity of a travel agent by at least an hour a day and increases the revenue of an agency by ensuring the agents book hotels that generate the most revenue for the agency while ensuring compliance to any policies that their corporate clients require.  The company currently powers the global hotel bookings for some of the largest travel agencies including the US. government and military.
Headquarters: 100 Sheppard Ave East, Suite 502 Toronto, ON M2N 6N5




Tsū is Social Media as it was intended to be. We are the “Social that Pays.” We put content creators at the center of our platform: together, everyone wins.
Our three core pillars are:

*Awarding content creators based on an ad revenue
*Enabling commerce at the point of discovery via a personalized storefront
*Providing tools that inspire content creation

By focusing on the creator, Tsū facilitates the growth of a unique, self-sustaining, creative ecosystem where all parties can connect and thrive.



A leading provider of active noise reduction technology

Silentium Ltd. specializes in developing innovative noise reduction products and solutions. Silentium’s noise reduction solutions contain unique technology delivering more than 10dB(A) noise reduction across the entire audio spectrum. Applications include noise reduction for server/networking equipment, air treatment, air conditioning machinery for the residential and automotive market, and others. Silentium has been developing their Quiet Bubble technology focused on creating a dome of silence around the user. The company is recognized as one of the most innovative companies in Israel.


2 Bergman St. Tamar Science Park
Rehovot 76703
Tel: +972-8-946-8664
Fax: +972-8-946-8604
E-mail: info@silentium.com


SatixFy is the only vertically integrated company that provides products across the entire satellites communications (satcom) value chain. Its products enable critical remote connectivity applications globally and incorporate the latest technological advances. SatixFy designs its own silicon proprietary chips, codes its software, builds its products, codes its software and designs end-to-end systems for use in various applications and services, such as in-flight connectivity, IoT, communication payloads, consumer broadband, and more. The company leverages its research and development (R&D) and technical capabilities to design standard based communication products and systems with the most desirable qualities, such as: higher capacity, lower power consumption, lower weight, and lower cost.


Rootility Ltd.

A leader in root-focused plant breeding

GEO Semiconductor Inc.

Changing your view of the world through its eWARP technology.
GEO, with 100 patents and applications, is the industry leader in programmable, high-performance geometric processor ICs, H.264 CODECS, video, audio and human interface technologies. GEO is focused on smartphone peripherals, automotive cameras & HUDs, Smart TV, cloud and Skype communications as well as surveillance & video communication markets. GEOs highly patented eWarp platform technology features the lowest power and silicon cost for performing unlimited pixel transformations such as de-warping wide-angle, fisheye, and 360-degree video streams and enabling all camera and HUD calibration… GEO’s Emmy Award-winning Realta (real-time processing of video algorithms in software, trillions ops/sec) platform technology, enables ICs that can perform Hollywood-proven video processing in software and in real-time on a single device. GEO’s H.264 CODEC and human interface (gestures, voice processing) ICs are already in volume production with over 40 customers worldwide. GEO is headquartered in Santa Clara, California with offices in Bangalore (India), Cambridge (UK), Toronto (Canada), and Orlando, and sales channels around the world.

World Headquarters

GEO Semiconductor Inc.
101 Metro Drive
Suite 620
San Jose, CA 95110
T (408) 844-8800
F (408) 889-8491

Development & Operations Center

GEO Semiconductor Inc.
155 Gordon Baker Road, Suite 201
Toronto, Ontario, M2H 3N5
CanadaT (647) 260-1232
F (647) 260-1233


Investing in Real Estate Should be Easy
NexusCrowd is a crowdfunding platform that offers investors the opportunity to co-invest.
Connecting Individuals with Professionally Managed Deals


Catch Media

Play Anywhere® provides the most convenient way to listen, watch, and access your digital content.
Founded in 2003, Catch Media has continually invested in the development and deployment of its proprietary (and patent-pending) Play Anywhere® SmartCloud digital content technology.
Play Anywhere® is a modular and robust cloud-based B2B registry, tracking, routing and clearinghouse service that can be implemented across multiple ecosystems.
Play Anywhere® was launched commercially in the UK through The Carphone Warehouse in 2010 and most recently the Beta release in the US via Best Buy Inc.

For Customers

Play Anywhere® provides the most convenient way to listen, watch and access their digital content across multiple platforms, wherever and whenever they want.

For Content Providers and Distribution Partners

Play Anywhere® offers a sustainable vehicle for monetizing content on an ongoing basis, while building invaluable analytics and insight into your user base.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you utilize Play Anywhere® to create a service that will build customer loyalty, improve revenues, and generate deeper consumer insight.

Head Office

150 El Camino Drive
Beverley Hills
CA 90212, US

Tech Hub

8 Hartum St.
Har Hotzvim
Jerusalem 91451


Cellint is a world leader in real-time data monitoring and analysis for population and mobility management. Cellint uses anonymous cellular backbone data of the entire network population in real-time for smart city planning and management in many verticals, such as traffic and transportation, events and emergency management, urban planning and economic development. Cellint’s technology assigns street-level location-accuracy in real-time to all phones on the network, regardless if they have GPS or not, and uses big data analytics to provide insights as a service around mobility patterns and population analytics.

1 Bat Sheva Street
Lod 71100, P.O.B 1300, Israel
Tel: +972-8-915-9153
Fax: +972-3-548 0110

Energiya Global

Developing affordable solar projects worldwide, with the goal of providing clean electricity for 50 million people by 2020

Head Office

4 Yad Harutzim Street
93420 Israel

The vision is for a world in which developing nations will be powered predominantly by clean, safe, renewable energy. Energiya Global mobilizes the ingenuity and the values of Israel to reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels and empower people globally.

The launch of the Ketura Sun solar field sparked worldwide interest, including inquiries from over 50 developing countries about how Arava Power could help them develop solar energy. The need is immense. 1.6 billion people in the developing world do not have access to electricity and much of the third world’s electricity is generated from burning expensive, polluting diesel oil.

Energiya Global was founded to meet this need by exporting the successful, pioneering model for affordable and sustainable solar energy projects, developed in Israel, to the rest of the world.